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Comfort in a Bowl

10 Jan

Hello Friends!

Can you believe we’re already 1/2 way through the week! With the new semester beginning and the work load piling up, I tend to lose track of time. Regardless, it’s time for another blog post 🙂 Although I’m busy with school, I’m finding that updating my blog is a way to reflect and relax.

After getting home from an 8 hour day at school last night, I was exhausted and somewhat feeling nauseous. I had intentions of roasting up some veggies and making chicken, but the thought of it made my stomach churn a bit. Instead, I listened to what my body wanted and turned to the ever so delicious and comforting tomato soup! As a child, my mother would make Campbell’s Tomato Soup with grilled cheese for a comfort meal. As an adult, when I crave that comfort, I turn to Trader Joe’s for their amazing Organic Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup! During my latest TJ’s haul this past weekend, I ended up grabbing the low sodium version without realizing it. The taste was great but my favorite is the regular version. I ended up mixing the soup with 1/4 cup of quinoa to add in some protein. I found this was a great way to make the meal heartier!

mmm soup!

mmm soup!

This soup is so creamy and full of flavor. It’s perfect for when you’re craving that bit of comfort! Not pictured is a side of mashed avocado on top of a slice of Ezekial Bread. PERFECTION!


This morning I had the pleasure of sleeping in a tad bit extra! The only school commitment I had started at 1 and ended at 3:30, so I woke up at 8:30 and enjoyed the morning. I made my way to the kitchen to make 2 eggs over easy and a side of avocado + black coffee.

photo (62)

My go-to breakfast in the past week has been eggs. I get a certain food-kicks, but hey what’s wrong with that! Eggs are great sources of protein and full of omega 3’s. And yep, I’m not afraid to eat the yoke! A whole egg won’t kill ya my friends! Sometimes I’ll combine 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg for a yummy wholesome breakfast. Do what works for you!

The next part of my morning was not the most pleasant…but it was necessary in my eyes. Since national news have been reporting that Flu Epidemic is at an all time high this year, I knew it was time that I face my fear of needles and get vaccinated. Since I have asthma, I’m at a greater risk for the flu. I not only wanted to protect myself, but also the little kiddos I’ll be working with this semester!

I ended up going to CVS pharmacy to get the vaccination. I had my reservations about getting it done at the pharmacy, just because I’ve always gotten vaccinated by nurses. However, I quickly realized there was nothing to fear! The pharmacist was great and the walk-in trip to CVS was very convenient. I’ve been rocking the band-aid on the shoulder/bicep look all day and I’m not ashamed 🙂

Band-Aid Bicep!

It’s not so bad!


In the morning, after breakfast I completed Tone it Up’s new toning routine “Love Your Total Body” and their “MalibootyA” workout. They are both toning routines and leave you feeling tight and toned! In the afternoon, I made a trip to the gym for some light cardio. My left ankle has been feeling a bit off in the past couple days so I decided to lay off the treadmill and hop on the elliptical, bike, and row machine. It was a bit on the lighter side, but I knew it was what my body needed! Sometimes I think it’s best to be attentive to your body’s needs. I knew my ankle needed a break, so a break it was given!

Well, that’s it for me folks! I’m currently nomming on one of my favorite dinners: Spaghetti Squash! I want to post a quick and easy recipe soon on how I prepare it! Seriously so good!

Have a great night!


Margarita Smiles

13 Aug

Greetings from Nashville!

I’m currently blogging in my hotel’s lounge because my family decided to hit the hay at 10:30..and I’m just not ready to snooze. Therefore, it is time to update you on the day! We are in Nashville for the week helping my sister move and settle into her new apartment near Vanderbilt. Even though we have spent the majority of our time so far on moving Kiran, I am already in love with Nashville! The atmosphere is incredibly lively and friendly. I can’t wait to see more of the city and experience the best of the country music’s capitol!


This morning started with a workout. My entire family woke up early to squeeze in a sweat sesh. My parents opted for a power walk around the neighborhood and my sister and I hit the hotel fitness center. Since today was cross training day for 1/2 marathon training, I rode the bicycle for 25 minutes and then completed Tone It Up’s Tone It Up in 30 workout..minus the running part. I added a little companion to my workout this morning: a knee brace! I decided to try wearing a knee brace to add support to my knee since the side of my right knee is beginning to hurt.

My new running buddy

I was pleasantly surprised at how much support the brace offered! My knee didn’t hurt at all during the workout so I was all smiles afterwards.

The rest of the day consisted of lifting heavy furniture and shopping for Kiran’s apartment. After a long day, we came back to the hotel to relax a bit before going to dinner. I quickly dug into our groceries and fixed up a bowl of pretzels, carrots and hummus.

munchy munch

If your hotel room includes a fridge, definitely take advantage to fill it up with healthy goodies! Having the option of veggies over chips will help you stay on track throughout your vacation. The above bowl of munchies was accompanied by a glass of chardonnay served in a coffee mug (That’s all we had!).


For dinner, we ventured down the street to a Mexican restaurant called Chuys. We all indulged a bit and ordered margaritas and mojitos.


sista, sista

Mom and I split the chicken fajitas and after having one I was stuffed! Although I love me some margaritas, I gave my dad the other half of my drink because I was too full. After dinner we headed back to the hotel where my family immediately passed out. Tomorrow will kickstart with a power walk around Vanderbilt’s campus. I love exploring college campuses and can’t wait to see where my sister will spend the next 2 years getting her Masters degree!

Goodnight loves,




Love & Rollercoasters

19 Jul

Hey Friends!

I didn’t post yesterday because I spent my day with a very special person: my boyfriend, Dave!

A picture of Dave and I on our graduation weekend!

Dave and I met in college, and have been dating for over three years now! Dave is the most kind & genuine guy and I am so lucky to be his girlfriend. This guy can make me laugh on command (which is essential!). Although Dave lives two hours from me in Columbus, we have been making an effort to see each other as much as we can this summer because he will be moving to Los Angeles next week for six months for his new job!

Yesterday was his last visit before the move, so we decided to head on over to one of my favorite places: Cedar Point Amusement Park! I love Cedar Point. I’ve been going there ever since I was a kid and the fun never stops. We arrived around 11:30, and wasted no time as we hopped in line for our first of many rides. The day was great…and I even snuck in a few walking lunges here & there (no shame).

Dave’s favorite part of the day was going to their “Dinosaur” exhibit. Dave loves this kind of stuff, and although walking through a jungle with fake dinosaurs isn’t my cup of tea, I knew it would make Dave happy..and boy it did!

rawr! scary dinosaur

After a thrilling day at Cedar Point, we headed back home absolutely drained. We set up camp on the couch and watched “How I Met Your Mother” re-runs and drank chamomile tea. The combo made for an especially sleepy Anjali. I knew sleep was calling my name!


This morning my dad took Dave and I out to breakfast. Although I ordered an egg white veggie omelet, I left with that overly full and greasy feeling. I’m still trying to master healthy eats at restaurants, but sometimes I find it quite challenging! After breakfast, Dave and I said our goodbyes as he headed back home. Although I’ll be visiting him in less than two weeks in California, I am still pretty bummy. I’m going to miss him so much but I know we will make it work 🙂


Today’s workout was a mish-mosh of sorts. Since it was raining heavily I opted for an at-home workout. I started with a brisk mile run on the treadmill. Next, I looked to one of my favorite outlets for free workout videos: YouTube. I completed Zwow #2 and Tone It Up’s new booty routine! I highly suggest checking these videos and channels out. They both offer amazing workout videos that leave you feeling the burn!

Well, I’m off to enjoy the rest of the day!

Keep shining,


What do you like to order at your favorite breakfast place?

What’s your favorite at-home workout?