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Pink Shades for the Win!

9 Aug

If you haven’t noticed, Revival of the Fitness has made a few changes! I’ve updated my side bar and you can now follow me easily on twitter and pinterest! It’s time that Revival of the Fitness explores social media! I love connecting via twitter and have found great inspiration and motivation from my followers. I’m looking forward to connecting with the blog world via twitter and pinterest!

 Run baby Run

This morning, I continued with 1/2 marathon training . The schedule called for 3 miles at race pace. My goal time is 2 hrs and 10 minutes which would put me at a little under 10 min per mile. Before setting off for my run today I set up my Map My Run app so that I would hear my stats as I ran. According to the app, I ran at a 9:12 min/mi pace!

I couldn’t believe my results because to be honest, I felt horrible while running. I stopped twice for about 30 seconds each. The first stop was for water at a water fountain and the next was to walk and catch my breath. I was so happy when the 3 miles were over because I honestly don’t think I could have gone farther today.

After reviewing my run, I have made a list of actions to improve:

1. Drink more water prior to running!

2. Perform dynamic stretches before running to warm up the muscles

3. Focus on breathing and incorporate the cycle of breathing in through the nose at out through the mouth

4. Remember to keep good runner’s form!

I think these actions will help me feel better during my runs. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel more confident with my run!

Although I didn’t quite feel great while running..I felt like an Olympian! That’s because I was sporting my new Oakley Commit Square Sun Glasses that Dave bought me as an early birthday present. Although my birthday isn’t until the 20th, I couldn’t wait to try them out! Pink shades for the win!


I love these sunglasses! They have nose grips that prevent slippage while sweating and the polarized lenses are great for sun protection! These glasses are definitely going to become a favorite running accessory (Thanks, Dave!).

Well, I am exhausted my friends! I think an early bed time is in the cards for me so that I can get up and complete my run first thing in the morning!

Keep shining,