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A Training Boost!

25 Aug

Hello Friends!

I am finally back from a blogging hiatus! For the past few days, I have  been busy with graduate school orientation, organizing, and trying to set up internet for the house! I am happy to say I survived the orientation and our internet is up and running!!

Orientation went really well. I finally got my questions answered, met a lot of great people who I can see myself becoming close with over the next two years, and received a TON of information about my program. I’m so excited to start this journey to begin my career as a speech-language pathologist! After orientation, Laura, my roommate and I invited our two new friends, Danielle and Brittany, over for some wine on our rooftop deck!


New friends and vino=always a good time!

After a long,long, long day at orientation, it was so great to unwind and laugh while getting to know each other. I honestly don’t think I’ve laughed as I hard as I did that night in a very long time. I’m so glad I have these ladies to add some comic relief to grad school!

Running News!

So I have some pretty exciting news…I joined the Bob Roncker’s Running Group in Cincinnati! On Friday, I went into Bob Roncker’s Running Spot store, and inquired about their running group. I knew that if I didn’t join a group, I would struggle with my long runs. I’ve mentioned before that I am struggling with hills in my neighborhood and stop frequently. Although I was terrified to show up this morning, I am so happy that I did. I woke up bright and early at 6 a.m. and met the group at 7 a.m to run seven miles. This group is HUGE! About 500 runners of all ages meet every saturday to run. The atmosphere is full of energy and encouraging. When we first set out, I found myself running next to two girls who introduced myself to. We decided to stick together throughout the run. Having others around you to help set a pace is very beneficial! Running with these girls gave me so much motivation to keep running without stopping to walk. We only stopped briefly two times at the water station. We finished the seven miles happy and strong. I’m so excited to return next week to complete eight miles! I can already tell that joining this running group will boost and revive my training so that I can be the best runner I can be 🙂

Happy weekend everyone!