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Day 4 California Trip Recap!

4 Aug

Happy weekend everyone!

Yesterday was another great day in California. How can it not be great when you’re spending time with the one you love? 🙂

The day started out…interesting? Since it was a rest day for my 1/2 marathon training, I wanted to relax a bit. Dave and I went on Groupon to get massage deals, and we ended up going to a place nearby that had just opened. We failed to do our homework ahead of time to truly see if this place had good reviews. This was my first time getting a massage, so I was already a bit nervous. Guys…it was WEIRD. The massage tables were lined all in one dark room and half of the time I was wincing in pain. I’m pretty sure at one point my masseuse was standing on me. WEIRD. Okay sorry I had to get the weirdness out of the way so that we can continue with the recap.

Next, Dave took me to Griffith Park, a beautiful public park in Los Angeles with hiking trails with spectacular views. As we were walking around the park, I spotted a hiking trail that looked pretty steep. We decided to conquer it. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty tough! I’ve never been hiking and I was pleasantly surprised at the challenge.

The journey up was tough but the view was worth it!

We made it to the top!

I’m so jealous that Dave has access to the beautiful park. If I lived here, I would come here all the time. The view from up top was gorgeous and serene. This trip to the park is definitely one of my highlights of the week.

Next, Dave took me to the Mullholland Drive Overlook. The view overlooks Hollywood and gives you a view of some celebrity houses. I snapped a picture of downtown L.A.

Well, that pretty much wraps up Day 4 of the trip! We went out to dinner, then made our way to the couch for some Olympic coverage (I freakin adore Missy Franklin!)

Today’s agenda: 4 mile run then the BEACH!!!

Have a wonderful Saturday friends,