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Back to School Jitters

22 Aug

Hello my dears!

Today has been spent running around town trying to prep for graduate school! My orientation is all day tomorrow, and classes begin next week. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t shaking in my boots. I’m terribly nervous. At the moment, syllabi, textbooks, e-mails, and forms are beginning to pile up, causing me to have that anxious jittery feeling. All day my brain has been throwing around questions such as “What should I wear tomorrow?” ” I hope the profs are nice” “What time should I leave in the morn..” “What does this form even mean?!”…and the list continues.

To counter my anxiety, my plan tonight is to pack my snacks in advance, pack my book bag, lay out my clothes, set TWO alarms for the morning, and last, but certainly not least, pop in Dawson’s Creek Season 4 into the DVD player and sip on some peppermint tea! You might be questioning my choice of DVD, but Dawson’s Creek re-runs were my favorites in high school! I know it sounds dorky..but I was convinced my life was just like the show (which it wasn’t). I now own all six seasons of Dawson’s Creek, and love to pop it in from time to time..especially when I’m looking for comfort. Oh Pacey…will you marry me?!


Today’s half marathon training called for a four mile run at race pace. My friends..I am SO close to race pace! I hope to get down to 10:00 min/mile pace, but today I ran at 10:05 min/mile.

Recorded by Map My Run App!

I felt pretty good on this run! I haven’t been wearing my knee brace this week and my knee is feeling okay. The pain in my right knee is definitely less, but still present. Hopefully with continued stretching and strengthening, the pain will alleviate!

Alright friends, it’s time to go put my anti-anxiety plan into action! I hope you all are having a wonderful week!