12 mile run & Fall Time Fun!

2 Oct

Long time no see my friends!

I know my blogging has been very inconsistent in the past weeks. School has officially taken over my life! I’m still getting into the groove with all of these new changes, so bear with me on the sporadic posts! I did, however, want to write about my amazing weekend!

On friday, I packed up the car and made the four hour trip from Cincinnati to Cleveland to come back “home” (my parent’s house). Words cannot describe how much I needed this trip. It was so lovely to see my parents, sleep in my bed, play with my puppy, eat my momma’s cookin’, and just soak up the Cleveland fun. Oh not to mention…a very special someone was in town from L.A. …DAVE! Yup, that’s right! Dave, my boyfriend came in to town Friday night and will be in Ohio this week on a work trip. Having him here made the weekend complete 🙂

Let’s talk about Saturday! On the schedule for Saturday was a 12 mile run for 1/2 marathon training. Not gonna lie..I was NERVOUS to do this run! First of all, I was nervous because it was the farthest distance I’ve ever run. Second, I was nervous because I was going run alone without the support of my running group. When I left my house, the weather was a perfect 65 degrees. I quickly got into the groove as I ran my favorite path along Shaker Lakes. The scenery and weather were absolutely beautiful. I stopped twice shortly for water and GU. I kicked it into high gear for the last 2 miles and picked up the pace back to home. I was one happy lady when it was all over!

The rest of my Saturday consisted of fall time activities! Dave and I went to Patterson’s Fruit Farm in Chesterland. We originally went to pick apples, but apparently apple picking season came and went early! Instead, we strolled around and picked up a bunch of yummy goodies at their market. Here’s a photodump of the day..


This weekend was absolutely amazing. I’m so happy I got to spend quality time with my family and Dave. Hope you all had a great fall weekend!


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