Running a New City

21 Aug

Hi Friends!

Yesterday I was feeling SO much birthday love! On top of birthday wishes from old friends and new friends, my roomies, Annie and Laura treated me to a much needed pedicure (relaxation at its finest). We then ventured to Annie’s parents house for an amazing dinner. Happy Birthday was sung and birthday cake was devoured.

I get shy when people sing to me…


Yesterday was truly a blessing, and I feel so thankful to be surrounded by such great family and friends! The birthday love continued this morning when I received this package from Dave:

Chocolates upon chocolates

Dave sent me a gift basket full of chocolate (he knows the way to my heart!) Now, I don’t know if I can eat all of this by myself, but I’m relying on my roommates to help me out 🙂


Half marathon training continues..but this time in a new city! I have found running in Cincinnati to be quite the challenge! Although the sites are beautiful, the terrain is very hilly!  I find myself stopping at various points during my runs to catch my breath and walk. My goal for the next few weeks is to decrease these stops and to build up my stamina. Hopefully once these goals are accomplished I won’t feel and look like this after my runs..

If anyone has tips on conquering hills, I would love to hear your insight! Maybe these hills aren’t necessarily an obstacle, but rather a revivalPerhaps these hilly challenges will allow me to reach a whole new potential!

Question: What’s your fitness revival at the moment? What’s allowing you to reach a whole new potential?

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