Birthday Balloons & Coffee Bliss

20 Aug

And I’m BACK!

The last time I posted, I was in Nashville helping my sister with her move. After Nashville, my parents and I headed to Cincinnati to finish settling me into my new place. It took us a while to make it perfect, but I absolutely LOVE my new house. It is full of charm, comfort, and laughter. I’m definitely ready to take on this new city and start exploring!

Speaking of exploring..I’m blogging to you from my new favorite local coffee shop: Coffee Emporium. This coffee shop is the coffee shop of my dreams. The baristas are friendly, the atmosphere is charming, and coffee is freshly roasted. I’m currently sitting on their outdoor patio with my roommate Laura on this beautiful August afternoon drinking a soy java jive while catching up on my favorite blogs.

Coffee + Blogging= happiness

It also, happens to be my 22nd birthday! I decided to make today a relaxing day. I woke up on my own at 7:30 which was surprising to me because I usually sleep in on days off. I woke up to this lovely surprise as I walked out of my room:


My other roommate, Annie, made a trail from my bedroom to the kitchen with balloons! She is such a sweetheart and because of her my birthday started off with a smile 🙂

The rest of my morning continued to bring me pure birthday bliss. I enjoyed a breakfast of Kashi go Lean and a nice cup of black coffee in my favorite mug on our rooftop deck. Talk about a great view!


Next up was a quick workout! Mondays are rest days for 1/2 marathon training, but I wanted to do a quick workout to start my day. I opted for the “Surfer Girl” workout from the Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD . This workout is about fifteen minutes but boy does it burn! My legs and booty were on FIRE..but in a good way.

I am having a wonderful birthday thus far, and am feeling so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family sending me lots of love today. Although the age of 22 isn’t a “special birthday”, today has been absolutely perfect.

Happy Monday everyone!


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