Cranky Pants to Peaceful Mind

17 Aug

Hey everyone!

So I’ve been absent in the blog world for the past couple of days because I have been keeping busy in Nashville with my family. Although we have been here for almost a week, our stay hasn’t fit the “vacation” standard. We have been busy moving Kiran, my sister, into her new apartment and basically furnishing the whole place. To put it simply..we are exhausted. I don’t know about you, but when I’m exhausted, I tend to become a cranky pants. Today was a major cranky pants day for me. The endless hours of shopping combined with little water and food put me at a low. The whole day I knew that I had to squeeze in my 3 mile run for 1/2 training..but to be honest I was dreading it.

When we got back to our hotel after a long day at the apartment, my sister gave me the motivation to go on the run. All of my frustrations came out in this run and I really felt like I was able to clear my thoughts. One of my favorite “bad a**” songs is Won’t Back Down by Eminem featuring Pink. Every time this song comes on during a workout, I kick it up a notch. Anyways, I’m glad I went through with the run because in the end I was a much calmer and peaceful being.

My clearer mind after the run helped me to see that despite feeling frustrated & stressed from being with my family in a hotel room for a week, I should feel so blessed that I have been able to spend a full week with them. This might be our last time together until the Holidays. I told myself to take this last night in & relish these moments with my family. We spent our last night in Nashville at a casual BBQ dinner. I’m am incredibly blessed to have a loving and supportive family.

Momma & I

Daddy & KK

This short is sweet and to the point, but my family has been on my mind the last couple days. Once I settle into my place in Cinci, blogging will return full swing!

Love you all,


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